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Institutionalizing portable sawmills for enhancing livelihoods from community forestry: EnLiFT 2 Policy and Practice Lab
Community Forestry
Hemant Ojha, Naya Sharma Paudel, Prashanta Chhetri and Govinda Paudel Nepal’s community forestry has been hailed as a success story, but the limited utilization of mature timber due to a lack of technical innovation and regulatory support poses a significant challenge (Paudel et al 2023). To address this issue, the EnLiFT 2 project is supporting […]
Advancing community forestry in the new era of socio-economic change
Community Forestry
Forty years ago, the emergence of community forestry in Nepal proved to be the solution to subsistence livelihood and ecological conservation. Community efforts in restoring the degraded landscape was fundamental in achieving the intended goals. The advent of community forestry in the 1980s witnessed a massive mobilization of communities in reforesting the hills. Back then, […]
Rebuilding Community Forestry
Community Forestry
Just before COVID-19 outbreak started last year, I had the opportunity to visit Kavre and Sindhu districts of Nepal to speak to community leaders about how they have managed community forests recently, and also to understand how wider political and economic changes are impacting their forest management plans and decisions. Of the two community groups I visited, one is close to the town of Banepa and other is in the mountain hinterland in Sindhu, but [...]